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Unlike the USA and the East where reserpine is still in national recommendations, Authorities, regulators, suppliers and prescribers in South Africa, Australia, the UK and Europe can no cialis stacked with viagra continue to defraud the public and deny patients this best treatment, since the two tablets (cheap amilozide and reserpine) are freely and universally available for at most the retail South African prices quoted (less in bulk buy). There is no shortage of reserpine, HCT or amiloride; and the evidence for them over all modern antihypertensives is binding under rules of evidence and therefore medical ethics. The current evidence discussed shows that this old lowdose combination is superior to all modern drugs and modern marketted combinations in both reduction of all-cause endpoints, adverse acheter viagra ou cialis online, and cost. As Henry Black said recently, triple antihypertensive therapy is simply Back to the Past ‚ and it can be both very low cost and risk-free. And if proof is wanted, we must agree bijwerkingen viagra pills a simple long term multicentre trial of the lowdose reserpine-amiloretic regime versus modern marketed combinations. - as in ALLHAT but comparing combinations. But who is to pay for yet another trial to prove what is already so well proven. 35 years after Illich8217;s Medical Nemesis, it is very sad to have to be fighting overwhelming profiteering vested interests for what is now by far the commonest and most easily correctable major common degenerative disease 8211; mild to moderate hypertension.

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The police officers involved threatened to deal ruthlessly with the journalists and actually carried out the threat using maximum force on the orders of their superiors.

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