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301-824-3223 Convection Oven Glass top with sizes, excellent condition. 2005 RED FORD Mustang GT 2009 CRF 100F Honda decent Warming surface and Drawer.

However, there are still a few movies that are either being released to both DVD and LD, or are being released to DVD for the first time but have been available on LD for a while. Since I am not only trying to support the LD format, but I am also a fan of getting the best product that I can, it would be nice to have a place to go where the LD and DVD formats of the same movie are compared and contrasted. For example, The Doors: Special Edition has a ton of extra stuff on it, while the Doors DVD is lackluster in comparison. This would be something nice to see when making a purchasing decision. But I have not been able to find anything like this on the Web. Neither have we, Dustin, and in fact we'd love to see some sort of website with special-edition face-offs between LD, DVD, and even VHS (even the special-edition of Terminator 2 was released on VHS after all, and there's no DVD in sight).

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