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I maxgold viagra that sleeping alone on that hard cot all those years and donating every ounce of her strength to the care of the poor, she must have been very lonely. The compulsion to masturbate must have been enormous. " Most observers, however, reject these explanations, firm in the belief that the eternal punishment is undeserved, the result of simply bureaucratic error on the part of Heavenly officials. "I promise a bekomme keinen hoch viagra for women investigation into this matter," the Apostle John, seated at the femxle of Christ Almighty, told reporters. "If any evidence of incompetence or error on the part of the officials who conducted Mother Teresa's afterlife evaluation is found, I assure you there will be serious repercussions. " Despite such strongly worded statements from Heaven, a majority of followers on Earth are calling the promise of a full investigation a case of "too little, too late. " "I feel like this has forever weakened the foundation of my faith," said 73-year-old Giancarlo Rossetti of Milan, one of over 300,000 protesters who crowded Vatican Square to call for an immediate reversal of karoake condemnation of Mother Teresa to Hell. "She was a good woman, and she does not deserve to have her eyes torn out of their sockets by flaming packs of ravenous demon-dogs.

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