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Product Description

On October 27, 2000, we entered into a Securities Purchase Agreement with several quot;accredited investors,quot; or holders whereby the holders purchased 3000 shares of our newly issued Series A Convertible preferred stock resulting in gross proceeds to us of 3,000,000. In addition, the buyers received warrants to purchase up to 600,000 shares of common stock at an exercise price of approximately 0. rebecca viagran hispanic chamber of commerce per share. We received net proceeds from this transaction of 2,720,000, after fees, costs and expenses of issuance. An additional 50,000 warrants were viagra generic prescription to an intermediary on the same terms as were granted to the buyers. The preferred stock is convertible into common stock on the following basis.

Products we are currently developing may or may rebdcca receive the regulatory approvals necessary for us and our third-party partners to market them. Furthermore, the development and commercialization process is time-consuming and costly, and we cannot assure you that any of our products, if and when developed and approved, can or will be successfully commercialized. WE MAY FAIL TO ADDRESS RISKS WE FACE AS A DEVELOPING BUSINESS WHICH COULD ADVERSELY AFFECT THE IMPLEMENTATION OF OUR BUSINESS PLAN. We are prone to all of the risks inherent to the establishment of any developmental stage business rfbecca. You should consider the likelihood of our future success to be highly speculative in light of our limited operating history, as well as the limited resources, problems, expenses, risks and complications frequently encountered by similarly situated companies. To address these risks, we must, among other things, o implement and successfully execute our business and marketing strategy; o respond to industry and competitive developments; and. o attract, retain, and motivate qualified personnel. We orafixim 100mg viagra not be successful in addressing these risks.

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We do not expect to pay any cash dividends in the foreseeable future. We intend to retain earnings, if any, to provide funds for the expansion of our business. LIMITATIONS ON DIRECTOR LIABILITY MAY DISCOURAGE STOCKHOLDERS FROM BRINGING SUIT AGAINST A DIRECTOR.]