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8220; Nine years ago we reviewed in the BMJ why reserpine plus thiazide is The best-proven two-drug hypertension regime in primary careupdate 20 Nov 2014 the Sept 2014 influential French review Prescrire Int reviews the available evidence Treating essential viagra substitute that works As in 2004, the first choice is usually a thiazide diuretic TZD. The current el viagra produce sordera discapacidad threshold for hypertensive adults without diabetes or cardiovascular or renal disease is blood pressure above 16090-100 mmHg. Apart from certain diuretic-based combinations, the use of combinations of antihypertensive drugs as first-line therapy has not been evaluated in terms of the complications of hypertension. systematic meta-analyses of tens of thousands of patients have compared the main classes of antihypertensive drugs against each other and against placebo. Compared with placebo, only low-dose TZDs and angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACEI) inhibitors have been shown to reduce all-cause mortality in hypertensive patients. They prevent about 2 to 3 multe ama differenziata viagrande and 2 strokes per 100 patients treated for 4 to 5 years. Systematic reviews conclude that neither calcium-channel blockers CCBs, ACEI nor beta-blockers BBs are more effective than thiazide diuretics TZDs in reducing mortality or the incidence of stroke. The efficacy of the TZD chlorthalidone is supported by the highest-level evidence, three comparative clinical trials versus placebo, an ACEI, or a CCB, in more than 50 000 patients. In one of these trialschlorthalidone was superior to the ACEI lisinoprilin preventing stroke; and to the CCB amlodipine in preventing heart failure.

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